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soccer tips for players and coaches, club information, soccer links, Personalized Soccer Balls articles and interactive football coaching software.We specialise in sports coaching including Soccer Academy, the football coaching program for children, parents & coaches. Mini Soccer Balls  If you do  manufacture the type of leather please show me some photos of the goods you presently manufacture as antique style sports goodsI am developing a program which may require between 100 and 200 promotionalSoccer balls What are you minimum ordering quantities, what are your lead times, what quality levels are available?Can you implement a 2-color design? A 3-color design?  Promotional balls  What is the cost of a single logo imprint? mini soccerball and rugby ball. What is the cost of a 2-logo imprint. What accent colors and configurations are ball manufacturers what size is the ball how many imprints will be on the ball. can I have it by Aug. 1st? please send picture of the ball is will be getting I have just received a sponsor to help cover the cost for the soccer balls, is there any chance of getting one of the logo's changed on the balls?  OR have they went into production.

need mini (Training) soccer balls.  Can you let me know what the cost and time frame will be Thank you for getting back to me. Please can you quote me on 32 panel mini soccer balls. I do require them branded with a one colour logo on all available white panels. My closest airport is OR Thambo International, Johannesburg, South Africa. Could you please advise what the cost would be for about 100 mini soccer balls with our team logo imprinted on it and shipped to Could you inform us with a quote for mini soccer balls with 4 logo’s on the ball. Can you make us a price for : 500 / 1000 / 1500 / 2000 pieces. And if it is possible a quote for the shipping to Belgium Europe, delivery time. And also is there a possibility when we agree, before to make the big quantity, to have a sample.

Group Sales | Home | Leather Gloves | Leather Belts | Garments | antique soccer balls | Punching balls & sand bags | Close outs Employment Opportunities |Hello.  I hope all is well today.  I was interested in awarding our 7-8 year old players a custom printed mini soccer ball.  Is it possible to give me a rough estimate on 75, 100, 150, 200, 500 balls.  We do have a 2-color logo that we would like to have imprinted as well.  Any and all information possible would be a great help.  Time Frame is also very much appreciated.

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I am interested in using mini soccer balls as party favors for my son's bar mitvah in August 2023 and wanted to get pricing information. I got a ball a few years ago and loved it. I lost it and would like to get another one. Looks Great!!!!! We're set. Let me know when everything get done and shipped please. Thank you again for helping me out on this project! Do you have any other logos for mini soccer balls that I could look at to help me with my design?  Thank you.  Promotional Soccer balls
Are there still GENUINE LEATHER SOCCER BALLS available??Your suggestion of printing the logo 5 times on each side sounds perfect. We would like to go ahead and place the order for 500 of the 32 panel/44cm balls with our logo Currently I work a selection of  soccer balls with a factory in Pakistan. I imported surroundings 20000 balls in 2008 for my first business year on this type of importation. I am looking to buy 500 or below mini balls and customize them with a logo. How much would this cost?Please find attached the artwork for the mini soccer balls as requested. On the mini football pdf it is Design number 3 we want to go with please, black writing on a white background and the quantity is still 100 mini footballs.  And can we confirm approximate date of arrival please?  The address for shipping is as below.
Affiliate Clubs / Organizations Looking for a approximate cost for 40 soccer balls.  The printing would either be a provided graphic (1 or two color) or we could just go with the team name in a default font (single color).please quote price for 20,000 mini soccer balls 3 colors imprinted f.o.b.  laredo,texas,u.s.a.  organize minor soccer in a small community in BC.  At the end of every season we like to give the kids something to remember the season with.  This year I am looking at the mini soccer balls.  Could you please let me know where you are located and how much it is for the mini soccer balls?  I would require about 190 balls.  Do you ship to BC and at what cost?  Thank you for your help.