Leather Soccer Ball made of Genuine Leather

Feel the difference ...
Leather Soccer Balls made of Genuine Cow hide.
Available in size 4 & 5 genuine leather.
Entirely hand stitched leather ball.
According to Fifa's Regulations natural ball.
Excellent value genuine leather ball for your money ...

We are leather soccer ball composite Manufacturing and Export oriented company in the field of Leather Goods.

leather soccer balls

Retail Price + Free Shipping = 59$

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Our company aiming to produce high quality soccer ball products genuine leather ball on competent and economical prices. We are engaged in the genuine leather market by the last couple of decades to provide valuable services in the above mentioned natural leather ball . We also guaranteed our soccer ball services to be very perfect and timely delivery of your natural leather ball orders. Moreover we have a very strong quality and control system to manage high standard football production all time.

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