Del manufactures and markets men's and women's quality apparel, and accessories under the Del brand name. The company makes canvas and denim outerwear, sweaters, shirts, pants, shorts, and skirts.Martial Arts Uniforms Accessories include wallets, belts, caps, handbags, gloves, and socks. The company's products are sold in finer department stores in more than 50 countries

Our presentation is really superb and we manufacture and guarantee what we make and sell. You will see our products are made from best material, our prices will be best & competetive, besides in-time delivery as per commitments and as per your all round satisfaction.

Our company stands by its products and shall continue its efforts to keep up a good name in market ,We hope you will enjoy doing business with us

Our complete range of products in which we deal is Yarn, Fabric (both greige and finished) , Knit and woven apparel, Industrial clothing, and Allied products.

Our merchandising staff is of the finest corporate level in Pakistan. Our prime priority is customer satisfaction. If we briefly outline our merchandising department's role we can mention “Market Information” which is to develop new products and resources, Appraise vendors of buyer's requirements , effective costing and price negotiations, communication with buyers consistently, counter checking on product quality, weekly reports for the customers highlighting the production status , shipping information, sample status and other customized reports for customers.

Quality Assurance In a buying company like ours, the quality controllers or field merchandisers are the eyes and ears of its merchandising counterparts. A standard quality level is maintained to ensure effective quality control here at Del Apparel Company. Some of our controls include sample appraisal, factory evaluations, identification and pre-empt production problems during placements, analyzing quality data and correlate results with buyer's audits, monitor laboratory test results and match against local testing data. Also to maintain the accurate product details and records.

Traffic & Shipping
Our shipping staff caters the need to ensure timely delivery of consignments. Moreover , it makes sure that proper and effective procedures are followed regarding documentation of letters of credit via banks, shipping lines, and so forth. There are also direct air services offered by country's official airline as well as others. Our dedicated export staff is mainly involved in the areas of checking incoming documents for the accuracy and completeness, tracking shipments during transit, coordination of shipping requirements , reducing documentation delays, maintaining a vigil on quota etc. click here to go to top

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